About me

I'm Gert-Jan Vons (officially: Johan Geert), a Dutchman living in France since 1993. I have a degree in Computer Science from the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and am currently working as a software architect for Océ PrintLogic technologies based in Créteil, France (an R&D centre of the Dutch Océ group).

If you want to see if we're related: I discovered that Erik van de Velde has put a large chunk of the Vons family tree on-line, see his website http://www.kreuv.nl/genealogie/vons/index.htm

By the way, I have no relation with the Californian VONS grocery stores. According to this web site, that supermarket chain was started by a certain Charles Von der Ahe, and initially called Von's. So it is not linked to any Vons family whatsoever, it just lost its apostrophe somewhere.


These days, time is mainly spent with our daughters, born in 2005 and 2006.

I'm not skating much anymore, and really should pick up running again. But with two young kids and a 3rd on the way that is not going to be easy...

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