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Bente Iris Rodenburg

Welkom op Bente's web site. Als je wilt weten wie ik ben, kijk dan even hier.

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Welcome to Bente's web site. If you want to know who I am, take a look here.

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Bente making faces

In case you haven't seen me for quite some time, this is how I look these days:

2003-01-12 2003-01-19 2003-01-29

Just to show you they didn't exchange babies in the hospital, here's the proof. I'm just like my mama, I also have my eyes closed on pictures!


Bente in France

Like any normal dutch(wo)man you have to learn how to invade France during the summer holidays, something that you can't start soon enough. This year, I ended up touring the Normandy region with my parents, uncles, and grand parents.

2002-09-04 2002-09-04 2002-09-03

I even went back to France for the christmas holidays, visiting family and friends:

2002-12-25 2002-12-27 2002-12-28

Next year, I'll go skiing in France!

The Bente winter collection

As you may have seen, I have so many clothes that I didn't really need anything new for the winter. But my parents are very poor, so instead of heating the house I have to wear very thick clothes, long underwear, and even a cap and scarf!

2002-11-07 2002-11-17 2002-11-30

Bente loves carrots!

Well, it had to happen one day, my parents insisted on having me eat from a real plate. But what's that weird orange stuff? Looks just like mama's fleece pullover, that can't be good. And if mama doesn't eat it, why should I?

2002-10-27 2002-10-27 2002-10-27

Sometimes, I deliberately eat slow so that I can laugh at my mama's funny faces :)


Once you get the hang of it, eating is rather fun, and those carrots aren't so bad after all!

2003-01-05 2003-01-08 2003-01-29

And after dinner, my tooth ..euh.. teeth are brushed:



While reading the tabloids, I came across these pictures. What's going on, is there something my parents don't want to tell me? This smells fishy to me....

2002-08-21 2002-12-28

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