The New Year celebrations in Paris

We tried to get to the Eiffeltower by metro, but that took ages due to overcrowded trains and people walking on the tracks. We ended up walking like many other people:

We missed the fireworks (only hearing it is less fun than actually seeing it :-), but enjoyed the lighting of the tower when we finally arrived in front of the Ecole Militaire.

Those bright things at the base of the tower are giant TV screens.

After some time, we made it to the Champs d'Elysees, which was decorated with a number of giant wheels.. The boulevard was *very* crowded, as can be seen at the bottom of the pictures. It's difficult to take pictures when everybody is pushing...

The car at the front has been transformed into some kind of music instrument, and the big wheel contains buildings from all over the world (you can see the Eiffeltower at 1 'o clock in the picture below).

And some other wheels further down...

(it is hard to take sharp pictures of moving objects at night :-)

Even place de Vendome was taken over by pedestrians:

Due to the absence of public transport, the only option was to walk back home afterwards. We were not alone, lots of people everywhere one looked.

That's all, happy New Year everybody!

All pictures taken with a Canon PowerShot S10, and post-processed using the ImageMagick tools.

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