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On this page, you will find some tools/applications I have written for PalmOS devices like the Palm PDAs and compatibles from Handera, Handspring, Sony, and so on.

TimeCopy 1.4 (released 2002/04/27)

TimeCopy screendump

TimeCopy featured in:

Timecopy will copy the time, date, timezone, and daylight saving information from your desktop PC to you PalmOS device at each hotsync. Palm clocks are known to drift a little (about 1 second per day), and this way, you don't need to worry about that anymore.

TimeCopy runs on all versions of PalmOS (1.0 and higher, including PalmOS 5.x)

The main new features of version 1.4 consist of a real installation program (Windows distribution), and TimeCopy can now be configured to ask for confirmation before making major adjustments. The screen layout also changed a little.

See the Manual and FAQ for more information and a full change history, or just download the application and try it out.

The Windows version of TimeCopy can be downloaded right here, or from PalmGear or VersionTracker where you can also read comments from users and add your own.

The Mac OS version (now also for Mac OS X!) has found a home on NotifyMail's website, and is also available on the PalmGear and VersionTracker web sites. Note that the TimeCopy.prc PalmOS application is now bundled with the MacOS conduits as well. (You can still download TimeCopy.prc right here if needed)

FYI, the Mac OS conduit was initially developed by Steve Schaeffer. The Mac OS X conduit has been made by Scott Gruby, who now maintains the Mac OS conduits.

Note that I have no Mac experience myself, so you should contact Scott for any Mac-specific issues.

Version 1.3.3 can still be found here.

Pane 1.2.1 (released 2002/02/25)

Pane screendump

Pane, the Palm ANnual Event viewer, is a PalmOS application that alerts you on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or other events. No need to add repeating events to the date book, just add them to the address book entry and Pane will take over from there.

Pane runs on PalmOS2.0 and higher, including PalmOS 5.x.

The main new features of version 1.2.1 are full support for the PalmOS Security features, and Pane is now able to add events to the Date Book.

2003-11-09: Attention Tungsten|T3 and Tungsten|E owners: Palm has updated the PIM applications: AddressBook is now called Contacts and DateBook has become Calendar. Pane works ok but currently doesn't support any of the new address book fields or the categories of the Calendar application. Pane also scans the Contacts database every time you launch it, side-effect of the application changes.
Since there is no developer documentation available for those new apps, I am not yet able to update Pane to support the new features.

See the Manual and FAQ for more information and a full change history, or just download the application and try it out. You can also check the PalmGear and VersionTracker pages for review comments.

Version 1.1 can still be found here.

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