Some pictures from my vacations and other occasions

(the pages are in english unless indicated otherwise)

November 2003, un circuit VTT en Jordanie avec l'UCPA (french)
April 2003, Hiking in the Pyrenees (french)
March 2003, Visiting the south-west of the USA for Business and Pleasure...
October 2002, a weekend in Maastricht and Belgium (not ready yet)
August 2002, a week in Bretagne (in french)
July 2002, a trip to Martinique (in french)
May 2002, a weekend in Normandy (in french)
January 2002, New Year near Serre Chevalier (in french)
September 2001, the Cycletours bike vacation to the Greek Peloponnesos Peninsula
August 2001, a couple of days in the french Vosges and Alsace regions
May 2001, two weeks of vacation in San Diego, California
March 2001, a couple of days in the Pyrenees
Some pictures of the 2001 New Year celebrations (in french)
Autumn 2000 in and around Toulouse
July 2000, birth of Sabine Aubry
A weekend Normandy/Alderney (in french).
And also in April 2000, a weekend at Guernsey (in french).
Still in April 2000, a weekend around Tours (in french).
In April 2000, we spent a weekend in Amsterdam (in french).
Some pictures of the 2000 New Year celebrations
In December 1999, France was hit by a devastating storm
In October 1999, I went biking in Maroc
In April 1999, I toured around in Scotland for two weeks