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San Diego, May 2001

I have visited California before, but never the southern part. Being invited to the wedding of some good friends living in San Diego (hi guys!) also allowed me to have a look around in that part of the sunshine state.

So here are some pictures to show you what there is to see in San Diego. This page is more about the city itself, the next page tells you something about the parks and the beaches in the area.

Balboa Park

This park is located near the center of the city. In it, you will find the San Diego Zoo, buildings constructed for the Panama-California exposition, lots of musea, various gardens, and much more. If you are interested, the park has its own web site here.

First some pictures of the San Diego Zoo.

Hippo lifeguard Hippo on the move Hippo head Giraffe Rhino Flamingos

Koi fish (carp) are swimming in the pond in the Japanese friendship gardens.

Koi fish

The facade in the picture below is part of the Museum of Art, which has also a nice fontain in the main hall.

Facade of the Museum of Art Fountain in the Museum of Art
El Prado, the Museum of Man

I didn't find anything about the origins of these statues, but I like them.

The city of San Diego

Some pictures to show you what San Diego itself looks like. Even though it is the 5th biggest city of the United States,  San Diego is pretty quiet, and the streets aren't as crowded as in San Francisco or New York.

First of all the harbor, where the old sailing ship named Star of India can be found next to big cruise ships that come and go every couple of days.

Star of IndiaCruise ship

Seaport Village is a place for tourists, lots of restaurants and souvenir shops. The picture shows the village agains a background of  modern buildings. The wooden building is a restaurant where the serve very good Margueritas :) From there, one has a good view of the harbour and the Coronado bridge.

Seaport VillageView on the harbour

  Some of  the oldest houses of San Diego have been saved from destruction, and are now part of  Old Town.

Old TownOld Town

Another interesting place is the Gaslamp Quarter, where you can also find some old buildings.

Gaslamp QuarterGaslamp QuarterGaslamp Quarter

Besides the "old stuff", there are also more modern constructions. Horton Plaza is a colorful, open-air shopping mall.

Fountains in front of modern buildingsHorton Plaza

Lastly, a typical American building with its fire-escapes, and the Santa Fe railway station.

Typically Americanthe Santa Fe railway station

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