At the end of April 1999, I've toured around Scotland for two weeks. The trip started in Edinburg, which is pronounced as "Eddinboro"...

The city has a nice park named Princess Street Garden. It is located just under the castle, where they still fire a cannon every day at 13h00. Something that was needed for the boats at sea to calculate their position, a couple of centuries ago.

Below, a view of Edinburg from the castle, and the "Acropolis of the north" on Calton Hill.

Princess street seen from Calton Hill, and the beach near the B&B in the Portobello suburb.

East of Edinburg, a lot of coleseed fields. The flashy yellow contrasts nicely with the bright red of my Ford Focus rental. Sunroof and airco are not as useless as one might think in this country :-)

Norh Berwick is a small village in the same area, some whale ribs adorning the nearby hill. John Muir park has tons of dead trees lying around at the border of a lake; no idea how they got there.

The town called Dumfries lies in the south-west, a very nice part of the country known as Dumfries and Galloway. The city has one of the oldest bridges of Scotland.

Caeverlock castle is not far away, with its unusual triangular shape.The floors and ceilings may have disappeared a long time ago, but the fireplaces are still there :)

Some busstops in the area, a change from those aquarium-style glass shelters.

At the coast, there's Culzean (pronounced "Cullane") castle. Very nicely decorated, and even some palmtrees in the garden.

The area has some hills, and is very green. There's always some cattle walking around, sometimes even on the road.

Heading north to Ford William means going to the highlands. The foto on the right shows Ben Nevis, scotlands highest hill, in the evening sun. Contrary to what the webcam may show, it doesn't rain all the time in this country :-)

Moving north-east means passing castle Urquhart at the border of Loch Ness, on the way to Inverness. No trace of Nessie, maybe she finally found her way out through the locks/sluizen/ecluses of the Caledonian canal.

The well-known Glen Afric is not far away, and is one of Scotland's nicest glens. Nice area to hike around, lots of different shades of green in the woods. The road ends at Loch Afric, there's still some snow on the mountains in the background.

The famous Wisky Trail is located between Aberdeen and Inverness, near the Sprey river. The Glenfiddich distillery is one of the many that can be visited.

Around this time, the scottish weather changed from sun and blue sky to cloudy and some rain. A lone fisherman is getting himself wet on the lake near the Pitlochry dam.

But the sun always returns, as can be seen on the picture of castle Campbell, in the hills above the village called "Dollar".

The last day... A lot of boats on the river near the Forth bridge at the north of Edinburg, enjoying the beautiful weather. Like the Eiffeltower, it is equipped with a counter that tells everybody that there are only 238 days to go to until January 1st, 2000. Some boats were unable make it to the bridge though, but stranded near Blackness castle instead...

A last image that shows what the scottish people think of the english:

That's all, cheerio!

Pictures scanned at 300dpi, scaled down to 320x200, and converted to jpeg to keep this page to a reasonable size.

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