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Vrl is a command line editor that implements emacs-style commands, a scrolling command line, history, and filename completion. I wrote it for use with the rc shell, as a light-weight replacement for GNU's readline. The current version is 1.3.3, see the README for more info or download the latest version of the sources. Developed under FreeBSD and Solaris but should run on most other Unix platforms as well.

Vtt is a tool that detects the terminal type so that you can set $TERM automatically. It is similar to qterm and getterm, but has some extras. See the README or download the sources. The current version is 1.1.2

Vd creates a hexdump of a given file, or converts a hexdump back to a binary file. The README and the sources of version 1.8 are available.


VSigGen 1.5 (released 2004/10/02)

VSigGen is an e-mail signature generator. Just give it a file with quotes and tell it where your mail agent's signature file is located, that's all there is to it.

Version 1.5 adds support for an additional static signature (a signature with your name and address that you use occasionally for more official e-mails), and VSigGen now restores its icon after a Windows explorer crash.

You can read VSigGen's manual for more information, or just download it.


The Vd tool mentioned in the Unix section will also run under Windows. Source only right now.

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