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To get a feel of a city, one has to walk around in it. So here are some (rather typical I guess) pictures of Toulouse.

Like Paris, Toulouse has its Pont Neuf (with only 7 arches), the river flowing underneath is the Garonne. The holes in the pillars let the water through when the level of the river rises, decreasing the pressure on the bridge.
Toulouse's Pont NeufPont Neuf and the skyline of Toulouse
The borders of the river are used to exercise, for the lunch break, or just to hang around when the weather is nice. The walls have been constructed quite some time ago, and both high water and acid rain have left their marks.
The border of the Garonne riverpock-marks on the walls
Downstream from the Pont Neuf, there's the chaussee du Bazacle, next to the hydro-powered power station (centrale hydro-electrique). The tower on the left is part of the Hopital de la Grave.
Chaussee du BazacleChaussee du Bazacle

In the center of Toulouse, there's the Capitole, an impressive building used as town hall.
The Capitole
A bit further away, there's the Basilique St. Sernin
Basilique St SerninThe basilique's towerInside the basilique
And to finish this page, a picture of a typical street in the city center. Most buildings look like these, well preserved instead of being replaced by modern office buildings.
a street in the center of the city

If you're looking for more information about Toulouse, try the city's web site www.mairie-toulouse.fr.

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